Review of Karoo Wild Safaris - Brady and Garland, Wisconsin USA

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My father and I researched the best company to spend our first African Safari with. We looked for months but kept coming back to Karoo Wild Safaris. After talking with Victor and various references, we were satisfied with our choice and made the decision.
Upon arriving at Haaspoort Lodge, it was instantly apparent that we chose the right fit for us. The amenities were very comfortable and made us feel right at home. Game was everywhere and the hunting opportunities were spectacular. We hunted multiple properties that all had different terrain and species. Every day was filled with multiple stalks and shooting opportunities on quality trophy game. Victor, Nibbs, and Mitchell constantly went out of their way to ensure our hunting experience was nothing less than spectacular.
Karoo Wild Safaris offers an unforgettable hunting experience during the day, great conversation, food, and drink in the evenings, and a comfortable room at night. When we come back, we’re going with Karoo Wild, because the experience was too fantastic to risk going anywhere else and being let down. Thanks to everyone for the great experience!

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